My graduate collection: ‘COLLECTION XX-XX’, is named in reference to the year of its completion (2020). It is inspired by my love for contemporary art, including past visits to various exhibitions and art galleries, from the MOMA in New York, to more recent visits to the Stedelijk, Amsterdam and Skarstedt, London. I look to artists that utilise vibrant colours, bold prints and iconography in their work which has in turn influenced my own designs. Artists such as KAWS, Yayoi Kusama and Damien Hirst have had a hugely influential impact on the development of this collection. 

During the design process I have focused on strong shapes and colours within the work. The use of scuba and neoprene fabrics has offered a structural approach to garment making while offering vibrant colours through the use of sublimation printing. Varying weights of scuba and jersey intersperse the heavy neoprene to give a balanced approach to the collection, offering a juxtaposition between drape and definition.

Throughout the realisation of the line-up, the garments have taken on a nostalgic and playful character, with many of them now having their own nicknames. In a bid to learn new processes in my final year of study, I have incorporated printing methods within my work; both digital sublimation and hand screen printing along with laser cutting techniques.  

Ideally, I just wanted to create something fun, that I would enjoy designing and hope that others could enjoy too.


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